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Welcome to the GÉANT WiFi community meeting in Zurich on 13 January 2016!

Please REGISTER  for this community event 



ADDRESS: Werdstrasse 2, CH-8021 Zurich


MEETING ROOM: 1st Floor Rigi

TIME: 09:00-17:30

REMOTE ACCESS: Details will be posted


GÉANT WIFI Community Meeting:

The aim of the meeting is to present various ways of monitoring and detecting performance degradations on large scale WIFI installations. The meeting will present two different methods to monitor WIFI networks:

  • Static HW probes presented by UNINETT (Arne Øslebø)
  • Crowd sourced SW probes presented by HEANet/GÉANT (Dave Wilson/James Healy)

The agenda for the community meeting furthermore includes:

Background and Reasoning

  • Architecture / Road Map
  • Hands on installations - Demo
  • Collaborations and further steps

As part of the above presentations hands on instructions will be given with the aim that participating institutions may pilot the above tools in their own environment.

The event is open to colleges/universities/nrens  in the NORDICs that operate major WIFI installations.

Morning Sessions

09:00 Welcome and Agenda Bashing (Brian / Jan)

09:15 - 1st First Session: Presentations

-       Background Reasoning (Jiri / Brian / Dave / Arne / Kurt )

  • Traditional methods of PM&V (Kurt/Jiri)
  • From the HEAnet idea to GN4-1-SA3T3 work (Dave / James)
  • What’s about Crowd Source Monitoring (Brian / Dave / James)
  • HW/SW based Measurements (Arne / Vasilis)

10:15 – 10:35 Coffee Break

10:40 - 2nd Session: Presentations (Arne / Brian / Kurt )

-       WLAN Monitoring and Controlling the Probes HW (Arne)

  • Motivation
  • Measurement Architecture
    • Use Cases (NORDIC Universities)
    • Results
    • Standardization
  • Discussions (Moderation: Brian / Kurt)
    • Scenarios / Use Cases / Future Steps


12:00- 13:00 – Lunch

Afternoon Sessions

13:05 – 3rd Session: Presentations (Dave / James / Vasilis&Kostas / Brian)

-       Wireless Crowd Source PM&V Practice (Dave)

 * Introduction

  * WPM&V Architecture idea and elements

  * Implementation / Installation WPM&V

  * Live Demonstrations 

14:30-  15:00 Coffee Break

15:05 4th session  Round Table (Brian, SA3T3 team)

-       Round table (Initial Questions)

  • how do you get access to the needed logs
  • how do we handle privacy
  • are the measurements likely to be useful

16:00-17:00  Common cloud-based IdP for eduroam  (Leif Johannson)

17:00 Wrap-Up Workshop (Brian / Kurt / Jan)

  • Plans and future steps on WiFiMon
  • Collaborations: Research projects
  • Miscellaneous




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