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Björn Nilsson is one of the regulars at the NORDUnet conference. We’ve asked him why.

-       I have at least two good reasons for coming: One is the conference programme and the other is all that goes on in-between, Björn Nilsson says. Björn has been responsible for IT at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen since the stone age of computers – and a regular attendee at the conference from the very beginning,

-       You learn a lot from the presentations. You get valuable information that is difficult to get anywhere else. As an example, it’s always interesting to listen to people from the networks outside of Scandinavia, like Canada and the United States. At the same time, in-between presentations and workshops you talk to a lot of people like yourself, coming from other Nordic networks. So, you meet nice and interesting people and at the same time gaining new knowledge.

-       As an example, when it comes to buying new equipment, for me it’s really helpful to talk to other people and hear what they are investing in and why. In that regard the NORDUnet conference is a goldmine.

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