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Calling the European Open Science Cloud a ”word monster”, Caj Södergård from the Technical Research Centre of Finland took on the challenge to explain the monster, at the eScience track of the conference. And surely Södergård is a man in the know, as he is currently on the board of the European Big Data Value Association and a member of the EU High Level Expert Group outlining the European Open Science Cloud.

Starting with the whys and the whats of EOSC, he also explained how research and education networks have to adapt to the data-driven research concept behind EOSC. Also, he pointed out the growing pressure to do transparent research and to share scientific data, opening it to the public, not only the findings but also the raw data behind them.

And, as Södergård pointed out, although we’re in the early stages of EOSC, the monster is out in the open now. EOSC was announced earlier this year, and the first calls will open soon. And 2017 is the deadline for opening up by default all scientific data produced in the EUs Horizon 2020 programme. Caj Södergårds presentation starts at 24:16.

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