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DEIC Project manager of Video conferences Thorkild Jensen provided a summary and perspectives on the media workshop held at NTW 2016. He explored the questions, wishes, experiences and projects brought up by media managers. 

He introduced some of the current problems, Nordic projects and initiatives such as Adobe Connect/LMS integration, AC Deprovisioning videoconference, AC Seminars/Events, AC Custom Pods (You Tube and Kaltura integration)Future projects also include many Kaltura related projects and challenged audience for ideas and wishes for future projects

CASE implementing Kaltura in FUAS collaboration

Kai Kataja from HAMK introduced the first pilot project of this size implementing Kaltura in Finland. It was the first pilot project in Finland for Funet, Kaltura offered by NORDUnet for FUAS collaboration – three separate Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland using Kaltura together.

Kai also presented the special setup: Haka (AAI), Moodle and YouTube integration, features such as three separate Media Spaces, Quiz, and mobile access. There were six organizations, HAMK, LAMK, Laurea, CSC, NORDUnet and Kaltura, unclear project roles, no ready agreements, challenges in sharing videos in FUAS level, and encouraging teachers to share their videos. Outcome of the project being that remarkable amount of work was done, trust between partners was essential, consensus on the metadata structure and some same applications and licensing was set for the future.

Watch the recording from the Media track here:

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