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Close to 60 member institutions are hooked up to Zamren, the research and education network of Zambia. Senior network engineer and Emerging NREN Fellow Emmanuel Mukwesa has been with Zamren from the very beginnings, and as use rates of the network are rising far more than expected, there is no shortage of challenging assignments. Among other things Zamren is upgrading to new Juniper equipment, and there are plans for setting up a data center. Also, Zamren hosts a supercomputer facility, among other things used to process satellite data.

As Zamren is peering with local ISPs, one of Emmanuel Mukwesas main interests is development in the network industry. So naturally, for him one of the conference highlights has been Kireeti Kompellas Wednesday keynote about self-driving networks. Also, the announcement of a new 10 Gbps link from Cape Town to Europe has got his attention, and he is looking forward to participating in the GNA initiative, creating a powerful global network for research and education.

- In Africa we need more bandwidth and also we need our networks to be more resilient. Coming here to Helsinki is really inspiring. After the conference I’m going to the NORDUnet NOC in Stockholm to see how NORDUnet runs its network. 

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