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Helina Emeru, chief technology officer of Ethiopean EthERnet, is one of ten staff at the network, organized under the Department of Education and serving 36 universities in the country.

In regard to the NORDUnet conference, her key interests are network management. Coming to Helsinki as an Emerging NREN Fellow, she especially appreciates the cooperation of NRENs in the Nordics. Taking this experience back to her home country, Helina Emeru hopes to gain new inspiration on how to collaborate, not only with the local universities, but also with vendors involved in developing EthERnet. These are currently IBM, Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft.

Also, according to Helina Emeru, challenges are somewhat similar in the NREN world regardless where you are located: It can be hard to explain the benefits of an NREN to universities, and government funding can change from year to year. Despite all that, EtnERnet is expanding. The next phase will expand the network to more institutions among them medical schools. And work is in progress to deploy eduroam. Also Helina Emeru and her colleagues are working on an educational private cloud providing email service, e-learning tolls etc. to the university community. 

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