A Hybrid Cloud for Norwegian HE

Hildegunn Vada
TrackTrack 1 Europaea Room
DescriptionWe often say that there are three major classes of infrastructure:
- public IaaS services
- community IaaS services (community, the research network)
- local infrastructure resources
The various IaaS solutions have different properties such as
- cost effective
- infinitely elastic
- within the research network
- on Norwegian ground
To best utilize the infrastructure it should be possible to use all solutions as seamlessly as possible. It should be possible for tasks to scale using the different solutions simultaneously or moving from one solution to another where appropriate. In a hybrid model, a researcher could start a calculation work on infrastructure, but seamlessly utilize public cloud services when the need for computing power increases.
What is required to make this work? UNINETT is working from different angles:
- knowledge of the alternatives
- competency in the alternatives being used
- good middleware solutions that enable interaction between the different IaaS solutions

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