Mr Alf Moens

Alf Moens
NameAlf Moens
Job titleCorporate Security Officer
BioAlf Moens is the Corporate security officer of SURF and responsible forinformation security management at SURF, SURFnet, SURFmarket and SURFsara. He coordinates compliance and control in information securityfor the SURF and SURFnet subsidiaries. In 2007 Alf graduated as Master
of Information Security Management at Tilburg University (TIAS). He has been security manager at Delft university for 8 years, up until 2012,and is a board member of the Dutch association of information security professionals (PvIB). Alf is one of the initiators of the TERENA Special Interest Group in information Security Management (SIG-ISM) and currently is chairman of the steering committee of this SIG. He also is founding member of the steering committee of WISE. See also