Building low-cost measurement infrastructure with perfSONAR

Szymon Trocha
TrackLightning Talks Europaea Room
DescriptionPerformance focussed Service Oriented Network monitoring ARchitecture - perfSONAR - is a well known network monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure used in the world with more than 1500 instances worldwide.  
Current active projects deploy perfSONAR on dedicated hardware servers. This is typical for very accurate measurements and critical infrastructure. However smaller projects, with limited budgets, organisations with small networks or willing to easily relocate the measurement points seek for alternative type of deployment. The concept we present is built over a low-cost perfSONAR device that is using Mini-PC costing less than 200 Euro. Such devices have capability to test throughput of up to 1Gbps but still maintain fully functional perfSONAR software capabilities. The node is then configured in a measurement mesh with some GEANT perfSONAR deployments. Users can access the results using a central dashboard presenting data from central archive server.
As part of this project, we preconfigured with perfSONAR toolkit a set of low-cost devices and distributed them to a number of participants to use in their domains. This gives rise to new approach for measurement points deployment and extends the perfSONAR footprint, while keeping deployment costs low.
This talk will share challenges and experience with using perfSONAR in low-cost hardware to carry out performance monitoring of the networks and we believe will inspire attendees to also become part of the global measurement infrastructure.

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