Cost and benefit of NREN Cyber Risk Compliance

Urpo Kaila
SpeakerUrpo Kaila
TrackTrack 3 Nautica Room
DescriptionAll Nordic governments has recognised that cyber security risks can threaten vital infrastructures and have proceeded to ensure preparedness against cyber risks. Many National Research and Education Networks (NREN) and research infrastructures has also been challenged with requirements on how to comply against cyber risks.
What are these cyber risks and how real are they? What kind of additional security controls are needed? What are the direct and indirect costs for cyber security - or lack of it, how does it affect usability, flexibility and openness? Could NRENs benefit by showing security compliance?
How can you protect yourself, or can you? Should you only protect confidential and sensitive information or will all infrastructures need additional security controls? How can you show due diligence?
Short answers in a nutshell will be provided to all these questions and some examples of best practices at CSC on how to protect operative work of system and network administration will also be presented in this talk.

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