Dynamic network provisioning over the NSI-enabled infrastructures: feedback and lessons learned from the FELIX project

Tomohiro Kudoh
TrackLightning Talks Europaea Room
DescriptionIn my talk I would like to briefly elaborate on how the FELIX project have utilized the AutoGOLE infrastructure to perform network experiments and implement scientific applications. I would like to report lessons learned from the process of requesting and provisioning the dynamic network infrastructure for FELIX, interconnecting the Asia region with Europe. I plan to conclude the talk with a set of recommendations, given from the very end user’s point of view, on how to improve the current service operation and some processes.
Last but not least, I would like to share my personal thanks to the whole AutoGOLE community for their valuable support and timely responses to our questions and problem reports. Without their support the FELIX project would never achieved its planned goals and key objectives.

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