Emerging NREN Fellowship programme for the NORDUnet Conference 2016


Networks are all about connecting people. In recent years NORDUnet has been reaching out across the globe to other NRENs to work together in sharing knowledge and network resources. For  the NORDUnet conference 2016 we will take yet another step in that direction: our new Emerging NREN Sponsorship programme.

The Emerging NREN Sponsorship offers you the opportunity to support an emerging NREN, operating primarily in Africa or Asia. As an Emerging NREN Sponsor, you can give a member of the technical staff at an emerging NREN the opportunity to meet and learn from peers at  the NORDUnet conference.

Your sponsorship will cover travel expenses, accommodation, and conference fee for one delegate.

The number of Emerging NREN delegates sponsored is limited to ten.

In addition to the opportunity to support an emerging NREN, this sponsorship offers

-    your company logo featured

  • on the conference website
  • on all printed material
    • t-shirt,
    • conference bag
    • posters,
    • programme

-   promotional description in dedicated emerging NREN sponsor page in the conference website

-   One free registration for a company representative incl. access to

  • All conference tracks
  • Opening reception
  • Gala dinner         

The sponsorship has a total cost of EUR 7500.

Besides meeting likeminded network engineers and other members of the R&E networking community, the attendees sponsored through the Emerging NREN Sponsorship will have the complete conference programme at their disposal, taking their pick from all the cutting edge knowledge presented.

Most of the emerging NRENs in Africa and Asia are working hard to build stable and secure infrastructures connecting national and regional research and education networks to the global R&E community. And they’re developing fast, meeting significant challenges on their way. Let’s just take the RENU network of Uganda: In just over a year since launching its own network, RENU has established six PoPs, 40 connected campuses, a network operating centre (NOC), and a data centre. Their international data traffic has jumped from under 150 Mbps to 700 Mbps. And the UbuntuNet Alliance, celebrating its ten-year anniversary, has recently announced an ambitious three-year network upgrade plan, which aims at expanding connectivity within its membership region by increasing the number of POPs from 10 to 17 by the year 2017. The alliance plans to add POPs in Botswana, Burundi, Madagascar, Malawi, Somalia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. This would bring the total number of NREN members covered by the UbuntuNet regional backbone to 14.

So, a lot is happening in the emerging NREN community, and as a sponsor you’ll be able to position your organisation on a global scale towards new markets and new opportunities - together with doing the right thing and supporting knowledge exchange and professional relations between established and emerging research and education networks.

You can learn more about the NORDUnet at www.nordu.net and the  conference in particular at www.ndn2016.net

Please contact Susanne Michelsen if you wish to take the opportunity and sponsor an emerging NREN.