Gaming e-Infrastructures to improve Interfederation Readiness

Brook  Schofield
TrackTrack 3 Nautica Room
DescriptionThe evolution of identity federations over the past 10 years has culminated in REFEDS and the GÉANT Harmonisation activity developing a suite of best practices and improvements for SAML Identity Providers, Service Providers, VOs and the eInfrastructure projects.

The uptake of these hasn't been universal and the adoption of some developments have been rather disappointing. While the collective wisdom of the federated community believes these practices are a good idea - how can we enable widespread adoption of these practices and ensure their support is visible to the wider community. REFEDS created some New Years Resolutions to engage the federation community behind a few simple practices as a first step in this direction. This presentation will show how eduGAIN has been working to present the adoption of these (and other) best practices, highlight areas for improvement and push e-infrastructures toward their acceptance.

How far are we away from universal interfederation? Who's succeeding and who is falling behind?

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