Prof Harvey Newman

Harvey Newman
NameHarvey Newman
OrganisationCalifornia Institute of Technology
Job titleProfessor of Physics
BioHarvey (Sc.D, MIT 1974) has been a Caltech faculty member since 1982. In 1973-4 he co-led the team that discovered fourth quark flavor known as “charm”. He co-led the MARK J Collaboration that discovered the gluon, the carrier of the strong force in 1979. Since 1994 has been a member of CMS that discovered the Higgs boson at the LHC in 2012, and is searching for additional Higgs particles, supersymmetry, extra dimensions, and other exotic new particles. Newman has had a leading role in originating, developing and operating state of the art international networks and collaborative systems serving the high energy and nuclear physics communities since 1982. He served on the IETF and the Technical Advisory Group that led to the NSFNet in 1985-6. He originated the worldwide LHC Computing Model in 1996. He currently represents the physics community on the Internet2 Network Policy and Operations Advisory Group and the Open Daylight Advisory Board. He has led the science and network engineering teams that have defined the state of the art in long distance data transfers since 2002, and is currently developing the next generation of software-defined global networks together with ESnet, Internet2, SURFnet, NORDUnet and many other network partners.