Mr Lars Nielsen

Lars Nielsen
NameLars Nielsen
OrganisationUnemployed / Qualified Signatures IVS
Job titleRailway Security Specialist / CEO
BioPresident of the student driven ISP K-net for 1 year.
K-net has a network with 2500 users primarily students at the Technical University of Denmark.
(Meaning the network security consistently gets tested and challenged)
Graduated this year as Railway Engineer with the specialization "Security and mobile computing"
Dormitory network administrator for 521 users for 6 years.
Founder of "Qualified Signatures IVS", a company founded to provide Qualified Certificates in Denmark in competition to the National ID(NemID) that isn't based on a Qualified Certificates.
Hobbies include:
Penetration Testing, Railway Security, GNSS, 2 Factor Authentication, Hash, GPU, HPC and IOT