Dr Richard Hughes-Jones

Richard Hughes-Jones
NameRichard Hughes-Jones
OrganisationThe GÊANT Association
Job titleSenior Network Advisor
BioRichard isSenior Network Advisor in the Office of the CTO in the GÉANT Association and standards coordinator for the GN3plus project. He joined the organisation in 2008 also working in the office of the CTO on strategic directions. Richard is also the network architect in the SKA Signal and Data Transport consortium with responsibility for the long-haul data transmission within the telescopes and the connectivity of the telescopes to the world-wide academic networks. Richard has a first-class honours BSc in Physics and a PhD in Particle Physics from the University of Manchester. He worked on the real-time data acquisition and networking aspects of several international experiments including the ATLAS LHC experiment at the particle physics laboratory CERN in Geneva. He also led the e-science grid network research and development at the University of Manchester, focusing on the high-performance, high-throughput data transfers and real-time requirements of European Union and UK e-science projects. This included the needs of the radio astronomy VLBI and high-energy particle physics communities, as well as other e-science users. He was responsible for the Proof of Concept demonstrations of moving VLBI data at gigabit and multi-gigabit speeds over the National Research Networks and the GEANT backbone.