SNIC Science Cloud (SSC): A National Cloud Infrastructure for Swedish Research

Salman Toor
TrackTrack 1 Europaea Room
DescriptionPlacIn 2014, Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC), the meta-organization working with the computational infrastructure in Sweden, initiated a project to explore the possibility of a national-scale Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) for the Swedish research community. The aim was to provide a platform where academics can evaluate the strengths of a cloud platform, transform their applications according to the new paradigm and to develop new scalable and easily accessible applications. With this vision, based on the legacy hardware available at local HPC Centers, we started SNIC Science Cloud (SSC). The mandate of SSC is not to compete with the public Cloud providers, rather to provide a platform where application experts can develop scalable, agile and cost effective applications which than scale-out on public Clouds when needed.  
SNIC Science Cloud is powered by OpenStack Cloud suite and the Ceph storage system. It consists of three geographically distributed regions, UPPMAX (Uppsala), HPC2N (Umeå) and C3SE (Göteborg). So far UPPMAX and HPC2N regions are operational and C3SE will soon join the setup. The system is not production ready yet but still there are 110 users in 40 different projects consuming SSC resources. Currently SSC offers compute services based on around 2000 physical cores, 8 terabytes of memory and 300 terabytes for object and block based storage. Primarily SSC is an IaaS, but recently Galaxy and Chipster applications have also been offered as software as a service (SaaS). In this presentation we would like to present the ongoing efforts and future directions of SNIC Science Cloud

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