Share, steward and reuse research data - European Open Science Cloud

Caj  Södergård
TrackTrack 2 Nordia Room

Science is becoming more data-driven, and supporting  e-infrastructures must migrate towards cloud,  big data, high performance computing and broad bandwidths. More and more is published, of which less and less is read and citedCurrently, only a small fraction of research data is reused. As an example only 12 % of the data sets from NIH funded research  in US are  findable in repositories.  This is why EU actively pushes data infrastructures that support sharing, stewardship and reuse of research  data - also after the research project ends. This initiative is called European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). A so called High Level Expert Group, where I am a member,  has recently published guidelines of  the EOSC. The work in the group  has taken place in close cooperation with e-infrastructure providers, funders and other stakeholders. The guidelines promote a federated environment with trusted access to services & systems across disciplinary, social and geographical borders. We advocate an Internet approach with minimal international governance, maximum freedom to implement and global interoperability. The EOSC participants are expected to commit themselves to engagement rules. The expert group proposes a set of policy, governance and implementation recommendations including measures to ensure a necessary supply of data experts in Europe as well as making long-term data stewardship mandatory for all research proposals.

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