The LMS is dead, long live the digital learning platform

Thorleif  Hallén
TrackTrack 2 Nordia Room
DescriptionMost of the learning management systems out there focus on the M in LMS, for management. They are built to manage users, manage content and manage progress, and with a strong focus on control. This has led to LMS’s being closed systems with few integrations to allow data to flow to and from other systems, and with few possibilities of connecting other tools to them. In 2015 representatives from higher education set out to describe the digital learning environment of the future, where the LMS, now a digital learning platform, is something completely different; an open hub in the digital learning environment that allows for personalization and flexibility through plug-in functionality and where data flows in and out to support both lecturers and students in their everyday work. This presentation will describe the digital learning environment of the future, and also demonstrate what Norwegian higher education are doing at the moment to implement it.

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