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About extreme networking in the Nordics with no cowboy hats.

Providing network to research institutions isn’t always as straight forward as expected. Sometimes you will have to face unexpected challenges, be creative and make alternative solutions. The NORDUnet conference 2018 welcomes to the stage the five Nordic NREN infrastructure experts Jón Ingi Einarsson (Iceland), Olaf Schjelderup (Norway), Martin Bech (Denmark), Harri Kuusisto (Finland) and Börje (BJ)Josefsson (Sweden).

Although the plenary is titled “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, you will probably not see any cowboy hats on stage. And neither will you see any of the five take on the roles of either The Good, The Bad or The Ugly during the Closing Plenary.  We're not referring to the actual people on stage but to the content they’ll present.

The five Nordic NREN infrastructure wizards have been gathering stories, anecdotes, and personal experiences touching on both the good, the bad and the ugly sides of running a network which they have promised to share.

  •     The Good being the wonderful rabbits pulled out of hats to connect impossible-to-connect places.
  •     The Bad being the rougher and messier parts of R&E networking.
  •     The Ugly being the strange convolutions of the networks in some places.

And what exactly should you expect to hear from these guys?

Hard to say, but we can guarantee it will be entertaining.

So, to conclude: Brace yourself for some extraordinary stories from the trenches.

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