Collaboration Tools

Olaf  Schjelderup
Session chairOlaf Schjelderup
TrackTrack 3 -- Krydsfeltet
DateTuesday, 18 September 2018
Time12:00 - 13:30
DescriptionA rock solid network platform is an absolute necessity for
advanced remote real time collaboration using digital remedies.
However, still today, many of us still face issues with different
video conferencing systems. Why is this? And in practice, how good must
the network and digital remedies in fact be to compete with face-to-face
reality? Is musical collaboration over distance the most challenging
reference point we should try to reach? Further, how important isnĀ“t
successful integration of different products providing user friendliness
towards a more digitized society? This session will provide valuable
thoughts on all of these issues.