Mr Damien Lecarpentier

Damien Lecarpentier
NameDamien Lecarpentier
Job titleProgramme Director
BioDr. Damien Lecarpentier is a Programme Director for research data at CSC and has been managing the pan-European EUDAT initiative since its inception in 2011, currently heading the EUDAT CDI Secretariat. Damien has an MA in Political Science and a PhD in Social Sciences from the Advanced School of Social Sciences in Paris. He joined CSC in 2009 as coordinator for international activities and was involved as work package and task leader in several FP7-funded projects in the areas of grids (EGI_DS), HPC (DEISA2, PRACE, EESI) and e-Infrastructure policy (e-IRG e-Infranet), before taking responsibility of EUDAT. Damien has also contributed to the establishment of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) in Europe, through the iCORDI and the RDA support projects, and is currently actively involved in activities related to the European Open Science Cloud via the EOSCpilot and the EOSC-hub projects.