EPOC: A Community Hub for Science Engagement

Edward Moynihan
TrackLightning Talks -- Store Scene
DescriptionOver the last decade, the scientific community has experienced an unprecedented shift in the way research is performed and how discoveries are made. Highly sophisticated experimental instruments are creating massive datasets for diverse scientific communities and hold the potential for new insights that will have long-lasting impacts on society. However, scientists cannot make effective use of this data if they are unable to move, store, and analyze it. To help address this, the US National Science Foundation has funded the Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC) led by Indiana University and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet). EPOC will serve as a collaborative focal point for operational expertise and analysis in the US and will become a central community hub for Science Engagement efforts. This talk will introduce EPOC and look at Indiana University's methods for working with researchers around the world to routinely, reliably, and robustly transfer their data.

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