Dr Freysteinn Sigmundsson

Freysteinn Sigmundsson
NameFreysteinn Sigmundsson
OrganisationUniversity of Iceland
Job titleNordic Volcanological Center, Institute of Earth Sciences
BioEducation: University of Iceland, BS degree 1988 and M.Sc. degree in 1990, Geophysics, University of Colorado, Ph.D. degree 1992, Geophysics.

Present research work includes:  Studies of volcanism, magmatic and tectonic processes, plate spreading, earthquakes, and glacio-isostasy, including the response of the Earth to present day retreat of Icelandic ice caps. Application of Global Positioning System (GPS) geodesy and interferometric analysis of synthetic aperture radar images (InSAR) to map deformation and study geological processes, using opportunities provided by the Iceland natural laboratory.