GDPR and Security - Handling the Challenges

Gitte Julin Kudsk
Session chairGitte Julin Kudsk
TrackTrack 2 -- Lille Scene
DateWednesday, 19 September 2018
Time09:00 - 10:30
DescriptionIt is a cliché to say that the internet threats and data protection measure, are increasingly important to handle. Nevertheless, the handling of these tasks represents an important part of everyday life in a NREN and at a university. Not only in the it- and security departments, but especially with the introduction of the GDPR  - security thinking and precautions involve everybody in the organisations. The title of this presentation might be too promising, but the session will present tools. Ideas, collaboration and lessons learned that can inspire and assist the security managers and officers in their activities with security handling and GDPR compliance. Join the session to learn about the advantages for operational   security activities of implementing ISMs or establishing joint best security practices. What did we learn  from implementing GDPR and what has changed?