Dr George Kanellos

George  Kanellos
NameGeorge Kanellos
OrganisationUniversity of Bristol
Job titleLecturer
BioDr George T. Kanellosis currently a Lecturer in High Performance Networks Group at the University of Bristol.  He received his BE and Ph.D. from the Photonics Communications Research Laboratory (PCRL), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2002 and 2008 respectively. His PhD research focused on routing and switching technologies based on III-V and PLC photonic integrated devices. In 2009, Dr. Kanellos briefly shifted his research interests proposing the development of novel bio-photonic sensors.

Since 2011, Dr. Kanellos refocused on the design of integrated optical components and subsystems and their application to novel computer architecture and computer networking concepts. Within these frames, his research areas vertically spanned from on-chip integrated III-V/Si optical memories to their application in new cache-free computer paradigms, under the European project FET-ICT-RAMPLAS, and from on-board optical interconnects technology to the design of new processor to processor interconnection schemes within project H2020-ICT-STREAMS.