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About the NORDUnet ENREN Knowledge Exchange Programme

In addition to serving the Nordic NRENs, NORDUnet has established a knowledge exchange programme aimed at supporting members of the Emerging NREN community,

Under this programme, staff members from selected emerging NRENs are invited to participate in the NORDUnet Conference and connect with staff from NORDUnet, our Nordic NRENs, and other participants at the Conference. Moreover, the programme includes dedicated “get-to-know-your-challenges” sessions before and after the conference days, offering knowledge exchange tailored to the needs of emerging NRENs.

Additional to the knowledge sharing itself, this programme also help bring across the knowledge from more advanced NRENs on how best to use the funding that is available to secure the infrastructure needed to further develop the emerging NRENs.

This programme relies on funding from organisations to cover the cost for the ENREN participants, and NORDUnet would like to make this opportunity available to as many organisations as possible.

“What’s in it for me?”

As a supporter of this programme you will first and foremost position your organisation on a global scale towards advanced users in fast-growing new markets - while doing the right thing and supporting knowledge exchange and professional relations between established and emerging research and education networks.

You will specifically be introduced to the invited ENREN participants and hence be able to take the contact further to their individual organisations. Your organisation will form part of dedicated space in the conference website. You will be able to boost this programme as part of the CSR activities of your own organisation. We realise that some commercial organisations may also want to expose their physical offerings from a traditional booth whilst still supporting the ENREN programme for which reason we have several combinations on offer for you to choose from:

  • Emerging NREN stand alone: 7,500 EUR
  • Platinum/Emerging NREN combination: 29,000 EUR (only one)
  • Gold/Emerging NREN combination: 14,000 EUR

Go to this page for all details that specifies each level.

References and testimonials

What did previous participants and supporters/sponsors say about this initiative?

- I have to admit that I find conventional sponsorships a bit dull, like sponsoring a coffee break or a conference dinner. But when I first heard of the Emerging NREN sponsorship, I immediately decided to go for it.

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For more information or further details about the ENREN Programme and Sponsorship in general, please contact Susanne Michelsen, e-mail:, phone: +45 2681 6213.