Managed services for access management

Jon Agland
SpeakerJon Agland
TrackTrack 2 -- Lille Scene
DescriptionThe provision of access management services is an area of significant interest in the Asia Pacific region. In the UK, Jisc operates three access management services: the UK federation, eduroam and Assent.  Until recently we have encouraged our members to deploy a solution themselves, such as Shibboleth, or contract with a third party provider.
Responding to an increasing desire within our membership to outsource service provision, Jisc has developed Liberate. Liberate is a fully-managed, access management solution that interoperates with our access management services; while also enabling access to IP-authenticated resources.
Liberate launched in October 2017 in the UK, and we are now interested in collaborating with other NRENs to make the solution available to their own users.
Additionally, Jisc is developing a managed federation service, currently in pilot, which will be available in 2018 for other NRENs who want to retain autonomy in running their federation but outsource the operation and management of the tooling.
We propose presenting these two services for discussion amongst the community as options for developing access management services, meeting user requirements with best-of-breed technology.

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