Measures to Enhance Wireless Networks at Campuses

Wenche Backman-Kamila
TrackTrack 1 -- Store Scene
DescriptionIn early 2017, CSC/Funet developed a roadmap for wireless networks and wireless network services at university campuses in Finland. Our mission is twofold: To provide centralized services for wireless networks and to guide and inspire campus network experts as well as encourage them to cooperate with each other.  

Following our roadmap we aim for better WLAN network planning and monitoring as well as a user-friendly eduroam service on campus and elsewhere. We keep an eye on 4G/5G technologies and IoT in order to ensure using the most suitable wireless network technology – or a combination of them - for different applications. Regarding cooperation, we have developed widely-used best current practices and aim to go for common wireless networks-related tools with written instructions as well as international cooperation.   

Concrete measures to fulfil the goals include a WLAN network planning service by CSC/Funet for universities, which is now in its pilot phase. The preliminary results indicate that emphasis on frequency planning is important and that the 2,4 GHz band should be enabled on only every second or third access point. Also guidelines regarding guest access on campus WLAN networks have been published. Regarding IoT, we have surveyed the current status on campuses and we are ready to help campuses take this new technology into use in an organised fashion. In order to help WLAN network providers outside campuses to offer eduroam on their network, we have set up a RADIUS server for these providers to connect their WLAN controllers to.  

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