NAV in a Network-Management-as-a-service context

Morten  Brekkevold
TrackTrack 3 -- Krydsfeltet
DescriptionSince 2006, we at Uninett have provided our customers with
hardware-based Network Management as a Service, through a CPE server,
pre-loaded with a curated and integrated set of best-of-breed network
management software - centered around our in-house developed free and
open source NMS tool: NAV.

Today, Uninett participates in the GÉANT task (GN4-4 JRA2/T5) to build a
platform for cloud-based Network Management as a Service, a self-service
portal which will be deployed by GÉANT - but, which also aims to be
re-deployable by individual European NRENs. Uninett is deploying a pilot
service in 2018.

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