Programmable Privacy-Preserving Network Measurement for Network Traffic Analytics and Troubleshooting

Yan Luo
SpeakerYan Luo
TrackLightning Talks -- Store Scene
Descriptionn this talk, we present AMIS: Advanced Measurement Instrument and Services to achieve programmable, flow-granularity and event-driven network measurement, sustain scalable line rates, to meet evolving measurement objectives and to derive knowledge for network advancement.

The project aims to help planning and management of ultra-high speed international research networks and HPC centers. First, this project will take full advantage of capabilities of state-of-art many-core network processors and some new network techniques (e.g. DPDK) to deliver a highly programmable network measurement appliance scalable to line rate of 100+Gbps. Second, the event-driven query language, software APIs, libraries and tools will be developed to support programmable and software-defined measurement that empowers the network operators to design complex and responsive measurement tasks. Third, the project will deliver operational prototypes at the already-identified and future international R&E network exchange points to conduct measurement operations and gather network flow information for analysis and sharing, while preserving data privacy. The project will strengthen ongoing academia-industry collaborations and lead to new cooperation among national and international partners.  

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