The EISCAT_3D project: Nordic Network Challenge

John White
SpeakerJohn White
TrackLightning Talks -- Store Scene
DescriptionThe EISCAT scientific association will establish EISCAT_3D, a system of distributed phased array radars, that will enable comprehensive three-dimensional vector observations of the atmosphere and ionosphere above Northern Fenno-Scandinavia. The use of new radar technology, combined with the latest digital signal processing, will achieve ten times higher temporal and spatial resolution than obtained by present radars while simultaneously offering, for the first time, continuous measurement capabilities. The flexibility of the EISCAT_3D radar system will allow the study of atmospheric phenomena at both large and small scales unreachable by present systems.

The EISCAT_3D radar system will, in its first stage, consist of three radar sites separated by approximately 130 km each: a site at Skibotn (NO) that has both radar transmission and receiving capabilities; and receiving-only sites at Karesuvanto (FI) and Kaiseniemi (SE). The second stage of the EISCAT_3D project will involve an upgrade to the transmission site to reach the full transmission power. The third and fourth stages of the EISCAT_3D project adds two additional receive sites, at distances 200-250 km from the transmission site, at Andoya (NO) and Jokkmokk (SE).

In addition to the above radar sites, EISCAT_3D will also have two or more archives at Data Centres located in the Nordic area.  

During normal operation, the radar will be fully remote controlled, its configuration set in near real time through a distributed database.

These EISCAT_3D sites will need to be connected via fast data links, provided by the national infrastructures and coordinated by NorduNet, over remote and challenging terrain. The receiving sites will send low-level data to a central location in order to be processed online and use the subsequent results to operate and steer the radar beam and look directions. This talk will outline the EISCAT_3D data flow and network options.

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