The conference has now ended and we would like to thank all participants, speakers, sponsors, partners for some very interesting days. You can see all the archived sessions here and for pictures etc. please go to the impressions page.

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To help you get the most of NDN2018 we've put together our best tips'n'tricks  that we hope will get you all prepared and ready to enjoy the coming week in great company.

Getting to the Cultural Yard - "Kulturværftet" in Danish.

You'll find details about transportation from the Airport to Helsingør in the practical information page of the website. Remember to buy your train tickets from the counter in the arrivals hall before you enter the train - and enjoy the landscape during the train ride.


It is no longer summer,  and the evenings can be somewhat chilly. Keep yourself updated via some of your favourite weather apps or the Danish Meteorological Institute's website, or YR.

If you come from warmer regions outside the Nordics you may definitely want to bring a nice warm sweater/jacket - an umbrella may also come in handy

The Power and Pitfalls of Narrow Thinking in Organizations.

A thought provoking keynote on how we collaborate– and how organizations work.

Two of the key issues Mats Alvesson, management scholar and Professor of Business Administration at Lund University, Sweden, has focused on through his impressive academic career.   Alvesson will take us by the hand and lead us through all the “functional stupidity” of modern organizations.

You’ll get some harsh truths about modern life, society and organizations from Mats Alvesson. Irony and sarcasm may occur. But there is a risk you’ll see things much clearer afterwards. Welcome to one of Wednesday’s plenaries.

About extreme networking in the Nordics with no cowboy hats.

Providing network to research institutions isn’t always as straight forward as expected. Sometimes you will have to face unexpected challenges, be creative and make alternative solutions. The NORDUnet conference 2018 welcomes to the stage the five Nordic NREN infrastructure experts Jón Ingi Einarsson (Iceland), Olaf Schjelderup (Norway), Martin Bech (Denmark), Harri Kuusisto (Finland) and Börje (BJ)Josefsson (Sweden).

Although the plenary is titled “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, you will probably not see any cowboy hats on stage. And neither will you see any of the five take on the roles of either The Good, The Bad or The Ugly during the Closing Plenary.  We're not referring to the actual people on stage but to the content they’ll present.

The five Nordic NREN infrastructure wizards have been gathering stories, anecdotes, and personal experiences touching on both the good, the bad and the ugly sides of running a network which they have promised to share.

  •     The Good being the wonderful rabbits pulled out of hats to connect impossible-to-connect places.
  •     The Bad being the rougher and messier parts of R&E networking.
  •     The Ugly being the strange convolutions of the networks in some places.

And what exactly should you expect to hear from these guys?

Hard to say, but we can guarantee it will be entertaining.

So, to conclude: Brace yourself for some extraordinary stories from the trenches.


NB NB NB - Make sure to book your hotel room for  NDN2018 as soon as possible. Some hotels are almost fully booked and a number of the official Conference bookings are close to expire. You can check hotel status here.

30 years young!

Welcome to the 30th NORDUnet conference. DeIC and NORDUnet welcome you to a conference that has evolved from a one-track meeting to a three-track conference complete with side-meetings and professional facilitation of sessions, etc.  An interesting history of infrastructure to be told and continued in historical settings.

Come join us in the Danish city of Elsinore which tells the story of Prince Hamlet, and the not so flattering story of the "Sound toll" that the Danish king Erik VII imposed in 1429 on all  ships passing by Kronborg Castle. In 2018 no such toll exists anymore. You are free to sail the waters, and the 30-minute crossing to and from Sweden brings life and efficiency to the city connecting the two countries. For those who fly in to Copenhagen airport it is just a matter of getting onto the right platform, board the train that heads directly to Elsinore, sit down and relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape that passes by.


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