Welcome to the 30th NORDUnet Conference 18-20 September, 2018


The Call for Proposals for NDN2018 is now open

The Programme Committee for NDN2018 invites you to propose presentations for the 30th NORDUnet conference.

NDN2018 is the Nordic networking meeting place, bringing together the networking community from Nordic universities and NRENs, along with their European and global colleagues. Our aim is to showcase Nordic, European & global collaborations, as well as future developments, current challenges and recent results within the topics and areas covered by the conference.

The  NORDUnet 2018 Conference will take place in Helsingør, Denmark, on 18-20 September, 2018. The conference will focus on Securing the Internet, Identity Management, Infrastructure Issues, and Above the Network Services. 

The conference programme will be made up of keynote talks, invited and submitted presentations. The programme committee invites talks on technical developments, new services, advanced applications of research and education networks.  Examples of topics and areas of interest:

  • Security (Privacy, Risk Mitigation, Nordic CERT, Best Practices, etc.)
  • Infrastructure developments (SDN, Converged Networks, Global networks, Cross-border Fibre, etc.)
  • Wireless Networks (eduroam Provisioning, etc.)
  • e-Science (Sensitive data management, Nordic and Global Collaborations, etc.)
  • e-Learning Present and Future

Submit your abstract of 200-300 words, here.

Proposal deadline is: Monday, 29 January, 2018

You can also propose a workshop.  Workshops are normally before the beginning of the conference or after its end.

For questions, please send mail to Jacqueline Brown, jbrown@nordu.net

We look forward to reading your proposals and seeing you in Elsinore.


Martin Bech and Gitte Julin Kudsk,

Co-chairs of the NDN2018 Programme Committee


Sponsors & Partners

NORDUnet invites sponsors & partners to collaborate on the NDN2018 conference.


30 years young!

Welcome to the 30th NORDUnet conference. DeIC and NORDUnet welcome you to a conference that has evolved from a one-track meeting to a three-track conference complete with side-meetings and professional facilitation of sessions, etc.  An interesting history of e-Infrasture to be told and continued in historical settings.

Come join us in the Danish city of Elsinore which tells the story of Prince Hamlet, and the not so flattering story of the "Sound toll" that the Danish king Erik VII imposed in 1429 on all  ships passing by Kronborg Castle. In 2018 no such toll exists anymore. You are free to sail the waters, and the 30-minute crossing to and from Sweden brings life and efficiency to the city connecting the two countries. For those who fly in to Copenhagen airport it is just a matter of getting onto the right platform, board the train that heads directly to Elsinore, sit down and relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape that passes by.