eduVPN: a security and privacy enhancement service

Rogier Spoor
TrackTrack 2 -- Lille Scene
DescriptioneduVPN enables employees, researchers and students to easily and securely connect to the Internet and gain access to their institutes’ protected systems.

Many public Wi-Fi networks, for example, on the train, in the library or in restaurants, are insecure, but your home network is not always safe either. All the data you enter and receive on your phone, tablet or computer can be intercepted fairly easily. Malevolent people can also divert you to a phishing-website in order to intercept your password. Not a comforting thought! Certainly if you are processing sensitive information.
The eduVPN service solves this by setting up a so-called Virtual Private Network (VPN), an encrypted connection between your computer or smartphone and the company network of your institute. It acts as a bridge, offering you direct network access. This will allow you to connect securely to the Internet without the fear of prying eyes.

In this talk the generic development op this federated service will be addressed as wel as the questions it raises by the R&E community.

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