Skeleton Programme

The NDN2020 programme will feature a variety of exciting sessions, topics and talks delivered by enthusiastic speakers. It will also feature the traditional social events providing participants with time to network and exchange news and views in informal settings.  To make the most of this year's more spectacular conference location the programme has been extended on the last conference day to allow for the dinner  to be held somewhat more distant from the venue than what we normally have.

Below is an overview of the draft skeleton programme.


Tuesday 15 September 17:30 - 19:00 - Opening Reception.

The first conference evening will host the reception allowing participants to mingle, meet new and old friends, get a chance to get some of the latest from the commercial sponsors, and enjoy the view from the beautiful Harpa venue.

Wednesday 16 September 15:45 - Conference Dinner with sights.

For the traditional dinner participants will be exposed to a somewhat longer transfer distance and time than usual. We hope, however, that the drive from the venue across the beautiful Icelandic landscape to the restaurant next to the geysir will make up for the time spent on the coach.