Welcome to the NORDUnet Conference in Iceland

Once again the Nordic networking meeting place will bring  together the networking community from Nordic universities and NRENs, along with their European and global colleagues. Our aim is to continue showcasing Nordic, European & global collaborations, as well as future developments, current challenges and recent results within the topics and areas covered by the conference.

Registration is open

The programme is  well under way and an initial version will soon be available.

NORDUnet follow the development in the global Corona situation closely. We adhere to all advice, regulations and guidelines from both national and international authorities, and set high standards to implement safety measures in our operations. Looking towards September in terms of decision making based upon the actual COVID-19 situation is not meaningful nor credible. Hence, we continue to plan for the NORDUnet conference to run as scheduled from 15-17 September in Iceland while keeping close watch on the situation.

Opening Keynote Speaker Geoff Huston

Geoff will address how the internet has affected society- not just the old story of how the internet came about, but . -  Learn a lot more here

Call for Lightning Talks

The Programme Committee for NDN2020 invites you to propose a lightning talk for the 31st NORDUnet conference.

Lightning talks are five-minute presentations focusing on one key point; this can be an idea, a successful project, a cautionary story, a collaboration invitation, or even a quick tip.

Submit your lightning talk proposal(s) stating speaker name, affiliation, title of talk, and a very brief abstract (fewer than 100 words) to lightning@ndn2020.net

For more details please see the attached.


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