InAcademia, some Swedish insights

Tangui Coulouarn
Paal Axelsson
TrackTrack 3
DescriptionInAcademia Service is…
• a proxy leveraging the federated identity services provided by eduGAIN
• a lightweight alternative to full federated identity access for merchants with minimal and pseudonymised attribute release for merchants to assist the preservation of user privacy.
• utilised by commercial retail services, such as Spotify, Backmarket,
Autodesk, YouTube and, and other services outside the normal
scope of national federations

Where commercial service providers in eduGAIN are free to request multiple
attributes when using federated identity, InAcademia requests only the
attributes necessary to confirm academic affiliation, and does not share the
attribute values received from IdPs with its downstream services, and so it
preserves user privacy.

This talk will describe the InAcademia service and exemplify with the
drive to start using InAcademia for students in Sweden.

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