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DescriptionNORDUnet NOC have been informing about incidents in the NORDUnet network and services via email lists over the years. A snapshot of the current status of the open tickets have also been presented on the webpage.
During the start of the Covid-19 the demand for a more simplified status overview specially for the media services was urgently needed!
As such the was created. Today you can subscribe for status updates on a specific NORDUnet service. The is automatically updated with real-time information from the surveillance tools, i.e. no delays of seeing the status of the Nordunet services.
Now the time has come to also update the NORDUnet ticket system which is used to manage the NETWORK planned work and incidents. During the presentation you will be able to see how you as a recipient best can receive and utilize the specific information provided by the NORDUnet NOC.
The new network ticketing tool will be introduced on the 1 of October 2022.

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