Network technology needs for supporting genomics data managent in Europe

Dylan Spalding
TrackTrack 1
DescriptionThe '1+ Million Genomes' (1+MG) establish in 2018 brings together 22 EU countries, the UK and Norway with a goal to have at least 1 million sequenced genomes accessible in the EU.

Recently, a plan for a federated European genomics data infrastructure was written to deploy a sustainable and secure cross-border linkage of and access to a multitude of genomic and related phenotypic, clinical and other datasets across Europe. The overall architecture is divided into five connected functionalities: data discovery, data reception, storage & interfaces, data access management mechanisms, and processing & analysis.

It has become clear that international research infrastructure for genomics data needs ways encode machine-readable data access permissions for users. A federated data regulatory process envisioned in the 1+MG initiative needs ways to authenticate and authorize data users relialby in managing access to human biomedical datasets.

In this talk, I will introduce specifications that have been developed with the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health ( Technologies encode data access permissions of users, processes that enable communication of data access permissions at international scale, and facilitation of data access and analysis across international platforms like research initiatives, infrastructures, and national institutes.

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