SeamlessAccess: Value for researchers, SP's, iDP's and federations

Hylke Koers
TrackTrack 3
DescriptionSeamlessAccess is a cross-stakeholder initiative to improve access to online content and services in research & education. SeamlessAccess builds on the framework of federated access, making it easier for librarians, service providers, e-infrastructures, and end-users to benefit from federated authentication. This is done by initiating and coordinating Working Groups that tackle common challenges - such as WAYF entry disambiguation or contract language templates – and by developing and operating the SeamlessAccess service. This service consists of three elements: An easily recognizable smart button which Service Providers (SP)’s can inject on their sites, a central Identity Provider (IdP) discovery service, and a persistence function that remembers the user’s choice of IdP across different integrating SP’s. In this presentation we will review the SeamlessAccess service offering, present our development roadmap, and elaborate how SeamlessAccess provides value for end-users, SP’s and IdP’s, and federation operators.

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