Time and Frequency

Rodney Wilson
Session chairRodney Wilson
TrackTrack 1
DateWednesday, 14 September 2022
Time11:00 - 12:30
DescriptionMany scientific research and industrial initiatives need precise time and frequency clocking. Until recently time and frequency synchronization has been obtained by satellite distributed clock signals, but these methods lack the ultra-precision reference system needed for advanced computational science, emerging applications and research.  Fibre Optic systems provide not only very fast signal transfer but offer low latency and high signal integrity. Using fibre optic infrastructure to distribute time and frequency reference is common, but new ultra-precise requirements set challenging stretch objectives for increasingly demanding situations.  Distributing and deriving accurate time and frequency signal is not a simple clock-over-fibre challenge. There have been remarkable advances and new techniques in Time and Frequency signaling. This Session explores some of the use-case needs for extremely precise distributed Time and Frequency, unique research projects that have advanced due to fibre distributed time and frequency techniques, insights from the Clock Network Services Design Study (CloNets DS) and strategies for pan-European Time and Frequency deployment via Géant. Attend this Session to learn why it’s important, what has been accomplished, and how it is going to advance.