When you hear hoofbeats think Unicorns not Horses: Unique Service Creation in a Commodity World

Brook Schofield
TrackTrack 3
DescriptionThe research & education community have historically focused on unicorn services. Not multi-billion krona/euro startups that promote the gig economy by exploitation of workers, customers identity attributes and preferences or both. Rather, unique services that support the research and education goals of specific communities.

The investment in these tools was easily justified but the biggest barrier was accessing users. To unleash the stampede of staff, students and researchers from around the world interfederation was promoted and delivered by eduGAIN. The cost reduction of user management and validation allowed the unlocking of services to a wider audience.

After a decade of interfederation what did we achieve?

This presentation analyses identity federations and the intefederation reach of their services. Exploring institutional adoption and revealing mass market services, unique services and the gaps in reach and adoption.

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