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All Hands 2 September - KAS


All Hands is an event where important information will be shared across all departments and borders, and it is also a platform for NORDUnet staff to network socially, especially during the dinner,  so  participation is seen as "a day at the office away from the office".

NOC operations will of course not be jeopardized,  so the NOC engineer on duty will naturally have to be excused.  As the date has been known  since the previous All Hands in January everybody else will be expected to participate.  It goes without saying that sudden illness, agreed leave and similar will also be valid reasons for not attending.

It may also be that the date clashes with a family birthday or similar so you will have to skip dinner. In that event you should notify your line manager - and then provide the information to  SMI via the participation link

Preliminary Logistics & Plan for the day:

8.30-9.30 Breakfast (optional)

9.30-16.00 Day programme incl. breaks and lunch

16.00 - Social event and dinner.



Looking forward to seeing you.


If this is your first AH you can get an impression of previous events here


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