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  • Building and maintaining services for Sensitive Data
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Building and maintaining services for Sensitive Data

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DescriptionSince 2009 the University Center for Information Technology (USIT) at the University of Oslo (UiO) has seen an increased demand for services for sensitive data. This is mostly data covered by the Personal Data Act §2, point 8 (religion, sex, health, union membership and prosecutions). The increased usage of video, MR--?imaging and DNA--? sequencing of humans has created an incredible need for storage and computing resources  for sensitive data, by far exceeding the available resources of the classic “single offline computer dedicated to sensitive data”.  To meet this demand USIT has run a project called Services For Sensitive Data (TSD) since ~2008. This project will by launching version 2.0 be offering virtual servers, storage, high performance computing and data collection within a secure environment in version 2.0. The system is based on hosting virtual research servers behind a FreeBSD 2--?factor authentication gateway. All projects are VLAN separated, and storage is provided by the new 7PB storage resource “Astrastore” at UiO. A dedicated HPC--?resource is currently being installed inside the secure environment to meet the computational needs. To enable secure data harvesting we have enabled PGP encryption of the UiO web--?questionnaire “Nettskjema”. Further, to enable  time--?point studies and to identify respondents correctly we have an option of using the governmental ID--?portal. As login to the web--?questionnaire. USIT plan to offer this services to the research communities by summer 2013.

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