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  • Cloud Computing - Opportunities and Challenges
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Cloud Computing - Opportunities and Challenges

Per Öster
Session chairPer Öster
TrackTrack 1
DateWednesday, 15 May 2013
Time13:30 - 15:00
DescriptionIncreasingly, consumer-facing companies delivering products are adopting cloud computing. Commercial service providers are expanding their available cloud offerings to include the entire stack of IT hardware and software infrastructure. The private sector has taken advantage of these technologies to improve resource utilization, increase service responsiveness and gain in efficiency, agility and innovation. Similarly, for research communities, cloud computing holds significant potential to deliver public value by increasing operational efficiency and responding faster to emergent needs. The session will introduce some cloud computing offerings being developed by academic and commercial providers and discuss the opportunities that the cloud holds for research applications. Speakers include Anders Steinhardt (SURFnet), Vangelis Koukis (GRNet) and Janne Järvinen (TiViT/CIC).