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Data Services and Technologies

Gudmund Høst
Session chairGudmund Høst
TrackTrack 1
DateThursday, 16 May 2013
Time07:00 - 08:30
DescriptionOver the next decade, the amount of data in the world will increase with a factor of 50 while the number of IT professionals will grow with a factor of less than 1.5. Smart e-Infrastructures provide the tools for creating the added value from these data, as well as the technologies for implementing appropriate security and data protection policies. Openness and sharing of data allows value creation in terms of new knowledge, products, and ideas through re-using, re-purposing or computing of data. The general principle of open science is now being embraced by a growing number of funding agencies worldwide, including the European Commission.  National and international approaches for provisioning of data services and proposed future directions will be described. The underlying technological challenges for the data storage layer will be presented and the potential added value for scaling up to Nordic or international levels will be discussed. The challenges for international research infrastructures will be presented through an example from the Nordic region.  Speakers include Andrew Treolar (ANDS, keynote), Ian McRae (EISCAT), Gerd Behrmann (NeIC/NORDUnet) and Andreas Jaunsen (NorStore/UNINETT Sigma).