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  • From Old-School to New-School Operation of HPC
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From Old-School to New-School Operation of HPC

Anil Thapa
SpeakerAnil Thapa
DescriptionThe concept of traditional system administration of large High performance Computing operation, where all hardware is close to users and administrators, has changed in recent years.With the evolving high-speed network connection between the countries, such hardware can be hosted away from users and system administrators, which are transparent to the system.
National High Performance Computing centres of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland own and have operated jointly a supercomputer in Iceland to share computational resources across country boundaries since 2011. The main objective of the joint ownership is to make the investment and cost of operation cost efficient without sacrificing service to users. The system consists of 3456 cores, 71TB storage, 7TB memory and is run by four system administrators from four different countries.
Nordic High Performance Computing has set an example of an innovative concept for the HPC operation where technical administrators reside in different parts of the world and yet the HPC operation is optimal, secure and reliable. This presentation will give an overview of the project and lessons learned.

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