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Opening Session

Ebba Hvannberg
Session chairEbba Hvannberg
TrackTrack 1
DateWednesday, 15 May 2013
Time07:00 - 08:30
DescriptionThe opening session welcomes the participants and sets the scene for the conference. The importance of Nordic e-Infrastructure will be highlighted, as well as ways to stimulate further development of e-Infrastructures for Nordic research communities. Policy related challenges and opportunities related to e-Infrastructures will be described. E-science and opportunities provided by PRACE will be outlined, as well as future challenges, opportunities and dilemmas for PRACE and the Nordic countries. Speakers include Pål Sørgaard (Of  the Norwegian Minister of Education and Research), Petter Kongshaug (UNINETT), Gudmund Høst (NeIC) and Kenneth Ruud (PRACE/University of Tromsø).