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  • Workshop: Science Gateways, Cont'd
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Workshop: Science Gateways, Cont'd

Jacko Koster
Session chairJacko Koster
DateTuesday, 14 May 2013
Time09:00 - 10:30
DescriptionScience gateways are community-designed interfaces that provide user-friendly access to a range of services. Gateways enable researchers with a common scientific goal to use eInfrastructure resources for simulation and data analysis through a common interface, often a web portal or suite of applications. Depending on the community, gateways provide access to a variety of capabilities, including domain-specific applications, data collections, collaboration spaces, job execution, resource discovery, workflows and visualization.
Science gateways can have varying goals. In general, researchers who use gateways can focus on their scientific goals and less on assembling the eInfrastructure that is required. An important goal is to make it easier for scientists to use (national) computing and storage resources, while creating and using collaborative tools for sharing data. Some gateways expose specific sets of community codes that scientists can execute, while others serve as a community portal that brings new services, data collections and applications to the community. Science gateways come in several forms and implementations. For example, they can be packaged as a web portal or as a platform with interactive visualization and workflows that allow researchers to run a (local) desktop application to access (national) compute and data services. Gateways may be available on national as well as community-specific resources and be administered by the community itself.
This workshop will focus on science gateways that are used by an increasing number of Nordic researchers. The workshop will in particular address the core functions that these gateways (should) expose to the researchers, the administration that the gateways (should) hide for the researcher, and the challenges that accompany the design and implementation of gateways for optimal and friendly use of the (back-end) resources.